Thursday, 28 July 2011

Matrix: Restoration (Part 1)

I am the Warden!!

While the rest of you are heading out to Gencon with your suitcase repacked from ComicCon (or SDCC, if you like, since that's now the trend), I'm making preparations for our own gaming convention. Gaming At The Lake weekend, or GATLing, as we call it. It's a very exclusive con for gamers in the Ottawa area with only 6 seats available and we'll always booked well in advance.

For our 3rd GATLing, we're breaking from tradition (we normally play a D&D epic level slaughterfest where the main villain is a deity; first it was Orcus, then Pelor on the hit list) and running the first Optional System playtest. To make the event twice as sweet, I'm working on a Matrix one-shot and calling it Matrix: Restoration.

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Shouting To The Void

I am the Warden!!

On the Internet, no one can hear you promote.

I am not a promoter, never been one for marketing, can't stand commercials, and have a quiet, withdrawn personality. "Pushing product" is not one of my strong points and I've accepted that. Even during my days in retail management, my upselling was shit, mostly because I hated listening to these pitches as a customer. Yet as a publisher/RPG designer, I must promote my own work. As I started to piece together the building blocks of the Optional System last night, it started to hit me. How the hell am I going to get people to not only check this sucker out, but spend money on it? That's the $50,000 question.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Playtesting: The Stonehut Massacre

I am the Warden!!

I love playtesting. Correction: I especially love playtesting when everything works like magic. Our first regular OSRPG playtest went down on Friday and I could not be more pleased, not only because everything worked (for the most part, some things are still being tweaked) but everyone involved had loads of fun. We even had the unexpected benefit of introducing a non-gamer to RPGs on the same night and he found everything easy and disturbingly fun. (The fact that he had more ork guts spewed across his clothes was an indication of just how well the new guy did. Let that be a lesson to everyone out there - noobs can save the day.)

The Stonehut Massacre
Our story takes place in an unnamed world and continues to tell the plight of two watchers (think of rangers assigned to patrol the woods around their community) on the run from a legion of orks. Pushing their horses through the woods overnight, they came across a fortified stone hut belonging to an older human by the name of Jamus. With their wounds overpowering their urgency to reach the town of Haven, the two watchers took refuge in Jamus' home.