Saturday, 12 October 2013

Building A Dragon

I am The Warden!!

(Apologies in advance for the excessive blank space and image placement in today's post. For some reason, none of the pictures will align left or right, so everything has to go in the centre.)

It's the sixth week of Illustrator class and that means final exam! In the three program-heavy, shortcut-learning courses provided in my Graphic Designer program, the sixth week is the last one set aside for a final practical assignment kept secret until the student successfully completes the previous five weeks.

For my Photoshop assignment, it was the hybrid blending of two real world animals. Remember the owlbear?

My Photoshop final assignment - an owlbear on its way to a forbidden castle,
thinking about all the adventurers its gonna eat. 
(Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure if I've ever shared this on the blog. If you're not following me on Twitter or anything else, this is my final exam for Photoshop class. An owlbear, merged together from falcons - they have better beaks for a creature this size - and a grizzly bear.)

Monday, 7 October 2013

Enter the Caves of Chaos, Kids

I am The Warden!!

The Practical assignment for Week 5 of my Illustrator class was an 11"x17" poster for a real or fictional event and it just so happens I've been meaning to design a poster for my upcoming D&D games at the local library. After a few modifications to suit the demands of the assignment and the detail I needed to get across for new players...