Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Random Idea: Player vs Player Killshot

I am the Warden!!

Right now, I'm rested across a couch in the cabin listening to the rain fall. It's a rare time to do nothing but reflect in peace and quiet and obviously my mind wanders back to Killshot.

I played a game last night with one of my latest recruits. As always, it's going well and because we're playing next to the beer fridge, everyone else up here takes turns checking out what we're up to. A major scene of the game involved being chased down by a helicopter and this got a lot of the lads interested in what we were up to. The more they saw and learned how it worked, the more intrigued they became until someone shot out this idea.

"Could you play PvP with this like Halo or Call Of Duty?"

It only a second before I answered with "Fuck yeah!"