Sunday, 20 July 2014

First Aftermath: ScreenPlay's Premiere


If you've had a chance to read the latest addition to Under the Hood (, take a moment and read about my anxiety going into this past weekend's first playtest of ScreenPlay. Then come back here to the present. 

Now it's done and there's been time to digest. Suffice it to say - and not intending the brag - but holy crap was that article bang on! The game went very well (other than rather lengthy mechanics discussions that went on a bit too long for one player, but he was a good sport about it) and there are definitely some revisions ahead. Yet the overall feedback was excellent! Those who loved it adored it and those who enjoyed it thoroughly did so. The main issue is some redrafting of gameplay and redefining (or even altering completely) descriptions, outcomes and reactions. Still, it worked as it was intended and the reaction was wholly positive. 


I've had some time to ponder these changes and there'll be a list coming up in next week's Hood so keep an eye out for it.