Cue the redundant introductory text to your standard links page. An assortment of links grouped together by association, be they friends' websites, additional places to find my work, or just overall cool shit. Listed in alphabetical order for all Sesame Street fans.

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Mayhem Graphics (
A portfolio of artist Kieron O'Gorman, as well as one of lead playtesters for the Optional System. This man's rough sketches put most other final pieces to shame.

Neuroglyph Games (
Run by Michael Evans, the official reviewer for EN World, no one's a more active proponent/opponent to D&D 4e.

Roleplayer's Chronicle (
Started by Aaron T. Huss nearly a couple of years ago, this RPG news site literally wanders the World Wide Web in search of every possible rumor and announcement for every conceivable game. As the Canadian Correspondent, it's my job to bring you the scoop on Northern Gaming Affairs as well as my ongoing column on RPG mechanics, Under The Hood.

Sword's Edge Publishing (
Writer/designer/lead Optional System playtester Fraser Ronald's publishing arm and home to Sword Noir and Kiss My Axe. If you listen to the Accidental Survivors podcast, you know who this guy is.