Monday, 13 February 2012

6 Months

I am the Warden!!

August 2012. That's when Killshot will officially become a roleplaying game rather than an upcoming roleplaying game. With the Kickstarter drive passing its goal (though I'm not jumping through hoops just yet as there's always something to get in the way; I'll be happy when the deadline's come and gone and the money is actually sitting in my bank account), the realization of putting Killshot on virtual shelves is one step closer. Close enough to start carving this sucker into stone.

Six months might not seem like a lot of time to get everything together, but it's also a huge amount of time to focus all my energy at a single target. The mechanics have already been tested, pulled apart, and put back together enough that I can establish a working system requiring tweaks at the most. With multiple groups having a go at the game for the next while, it's all about making Killshot the best it can be with the tools I have to work within the parameters I've designed it for. Killshot: An Assassin's Journal - the first release - is designed to run Killshot as a one-shot filler on nights your group wants to play something different. A trial run, if you will. While there will be material allowing players and Directors to slowly ramp it up a notch, the goal of the first book will be to get you hooked. From there, the additional supplements will help fill in the gaps. All I need for now is a working foundation upon which to build.