Thursday, 8 December 2011

Killshot: The Logo

I am the Warden!!

75% of the first draft for Killshot sits on the screen at the moment. The remaining quarter consists of the first 3 jobs to be published in Killshot: An Assassin's Journal, but I'm tackling some heavy rewrites to create a solid storyline between each job rather than just pop out a trio of random assassinations. Whenever I hit these kinds of blocks, I always find logo design helpful to get the juices flowing.


I had some initial hesitation with the sniper's scope as it seems a little overused, but there's no denying its visual impact for instant recognition. When you look at this logo, it defines this game. I played around with using a grenade and a bullet hole to replace the "O" in Killshot with less significant results.

Now I'm ready to do some rewrites.

Kick-Ass Villains

I am the Warden!!

Ever roleplayed on a train before? We did during the Shadoworld Excursion a couple of weeks ago. When I was younger, my concern for standing out and "looking weird" roleplaying in public would have prevented me from doing so, but now I just don't give a shit. Roleplaying games have done more for me than any stranger has and so my teenage compulsion has gone up in flames. Plus, it's fun to see people walk by and wonder just what the hell we're doing and why it's not being done on a phone.

On our ride to Moncton, my buddy Kurt and I played the finishing scenes of the Matrix: Revolutions playtest with slight modifications for a solo game. Save for one part: the final villain, a program known only as the Gimp. He was a giant man adorned in black leather and a kinky zippered mask concealing his identity, though this wasn't as apparent as the gargantuan meat tenderizer he carried with him. Oh, and he was immune to firearms. Bullets would hit him, but never harm him. I wanted to see how a long hero would fare against this bastard and was really hoping for a wild ride of devastation.

Nope. Part of this one-sided slashfest was Kurt's decision to pull out his twin samurai swords from moment one rather than shoot first as I had expected. The other part has lead me to consider new and dramatic additions to villains, the subject of today's post.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Reporting Live From Canada

I am the Warden, the Canadian Correspondent for Roleplayer's Chronicle!!

That's right. Over my vacation, RPC put out a call for regional correspondents to cover as much RPG material as they could and I took the bait. As the Man in Can, I now have no choice but to make it to as many Canadian conventions as I can and talk about roleplaying from north of the border. I'm also starting a new weekly column on the site called Under the Hood, a look at RPG mechanics and how players' interpretations make them unique. My first article posts on December 11th on

Shadoworld: The End of the Beginning

I am the Warden!!

Notice a bit of an absence, did ya? I have to admit, last week's "vacation from unemployment" was exactly what I needed to refresh my creative juices. While this may sound contradictory as this blog is also supposed to act as fuel for the fire, there's nothing better than running what may have been the best game of my gaming career to not only rejuvenate creativity but also give me cause to sit back and reflect.

The main purpose of this Weekend Extravaganza was to wrap up the old Shadoworld campaign once and for all. Or, at the very least, wrap up the storyline so we could indulge in the occasional return to that domain. The main theme of Shadoworld is captivity; the PCs are prisoners magically sealed within an entire world through binding shadowmarks preventing them from ever leaving the former continent of Barsaive (from Earthdawn - I just blowed it up a little more and made the Horrors victorious over the Name-givers). At bare minimum, I needed to wrap up the continuous storyline involving one PC in particular, Dorion, and his quest to free his brother, Rheece, from a lifetime of servitude to Boccob.