Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Killshot Ninja or How To Celebrate IAW's 100th Post

For the 100th time, I am the Warden!!

Ah, the centennial. The last time I marked such an achievement was the 50th post for IAW, it was a reflection on why this blog started and the road it had taken thus far. While I've considered doing the same for today's 100th ramble, that was scrapped to do something fun instead. For not only is today the tenth-squared post, it's also me birthday and the day I reach 2000 tweets. (If you're not following me on Twitter, then what the hell, man? You read my blog and not go the full distance? That's like inviting yourself over for dinner and bailing as soon as the meal's done.)

Those of you in the know are well aware of Killshot and it's progress thus far. To those who don't, go here. Then come back. Currently in development and extended playtesting, the results have been impressive considering this is actually my first original RPG design... ever! Over the past couple of weeks, I've been plugging away at the Director's guide to the game, Killshot: Direction, honing its features and tweaking accordingly under the realization the mechanics are more solid than I had expected. With the design phase complete, I feel like testing it further. Really bashing this thing against the wall and see how it holds up.

Therefore, I'm putting out an open request to anyone reading this sucker: give me an idea and I'll adapt it for Killshot. Even if it's not necessarily an assassin theme, you let me figure that out. As much as I'm setting myself up for buffoonery and wild submissions, that's my challenge to YOU, the reader. Send it to me on Twitter and I'll either reply back with how the existing mechanics already cover that or add it to the list and assemble a new creation in the order it arrives.