Thursday, 4 August 2011


I am the Warden!!

Remember the latest draft of Optional: Playtest? Yeah, scratch that. Got another one for ya. Version 0.2 now features Chapter 3: Master Dice and, more importantly, Appendix IV: Creeds. Which brings me to today's topic: creeds.

The initial design of the Optional System was intended as a classless system based entirely on spending training points and while that option remains, it was obvious a class-based system did have its advantages, particularly when it comes to drawing in new players. For this, concessions were made but the important absolutes remained. First of all, there are no "class levels" in the Optional System. For that, creeds have become templates for character creation.

Each creed provides a list of options, reactions, and powers for you to spend training points on, each one working together or individually to help create a version of that template. The rogue creed (found in the new Appendix IV) gathers a series of new features to create either the wily thief or the deadly assassin or any combination in between. While a creed does not allow you to simply pick and roll, it narrows your focus towards a certain goal.

Master Stats
Oh, but there's more. Rather than remain nothing more than a template, I wanted creeds to have a value all their own. Offering nothing more than options, reactions, and powers simply means you've given your players coupons for one store rather than the entire mall. On its own, creeds become helpful but not valuable. I wanted them to have something special.

Creeds provide your characters with master stats, those precious recollections of your years of training and practise provided through the magical master die - the d12. Each creed has its own master stat to those who choose that creed. Go back to the rogue and you'll read he has the Stealth master stat: so long as the rogue operates without his opponents' knowledge, he gains +1d12 master dice to all rolls. From there, crucial powers and options are unlocked leaving only a true rogue capable of pulling off some magical kills.

Request Lines Are Open...
Now we get to my main objective (other than the updates). I need more creeds and so I turn to you for suggestions. Post your ideas for a creed below, whether it is a staple of any gaming genre or something original and twisted. Any timeline, any genre, or anything else that would work without having to create an entire ruleset to go with it. I'll work on them at a first-come-first-served basis upon approval.