Monday, 17 October 2011

A Character Sheet In Two Pages

I am the Warden!!

In preparation for playtesting, the first volume of Optional: Playtest, and the constant whining of a certain pair who shall remain anonymous to the public, a new draft of the Optional Character Sheet is available. It includes a second page for various notes, equipment, writing down creed benefits, and three special boxes I'd like to explain.

Throughout fights and challenges in OSRPG, there are 3 events all players need to make note of: series, critical hits, and the Edge. All characters have their own abilities when any of these events occur in a game, so to help keep players organized, we've set up these three event boxes for you to write down as they apply.

A series is a collection of options from every Team involved in a fight or challenge. What you see on the Tracker is a series; once all Teams have used up their options, it's time for a new series. Many creeds provide special benefits to their characters when a new series starts or perhaps you're suffering from a half penalty until the start of the next series. Write down these benefits or expirations within the Series event box on the Character Sheet.

Critical Hits
While all characters can make critical hits, some characters gain special advantages when they do so with a certain weapon or through a particular master stat's focus dice. Either way, you can write these down in the Critical Hits event box on the Character Sheet.

The Edge
When your character has the Edge, he or she can make active or attack rolls. Not only that, there are a couple of ways to engage it even further. Stealing the Edge allows your character to seize control of initiative through a defensive option or rolling a critical defense (your defensive roll has 3 hits over a failed attack roll). Taking it further, many creeds grant your character benefits like recovered Health whenever you steal the Edge. Jot these under The Edge event box on the Character Sheet.