Saturday, 17 December 2011

Killshot: Behold, the Cover

I am the Warden!!

Mission accomplished! Killshot's playtest draft has been assembled and emailed to playtesters, making a fitting marker to end 2011. A full year of design and development on the Optional System has lead to a working draft of a game which is completely out of my hands. All playtests conducted so far this year have all been run by me and it's incredibly easy to run a fledgling game when you're the creator - I know what I meant when I wrote the rules. But do the rules makes sense to someone else?

Because I'm a graphic designer, I can't just send off a PDF from a Word file. I need a cover.

Playtesting will take place in January (fingers crossed) and likely continue towards March. During that time, I'll be working on layout and marketing in the hopes of having Killshot listed on DriveThruRPG by April/May 2012, including a Print-On-Demand copy. That's what I can't wait for - to have a professionally printed, bound copy of my first Optional System game. Sigh.

Until that fateful day arrives, I've set up a Killshot page for the blog. As production progresses, I'll keep posts here as well as provide previews, FAQ, and whatever other goodies I can come up with, including a little trick I thought about for a free PDF copy of the game.