Friday, 3 February 2012

Keep Your Assassin Organised: The Killshot Character Sheet

I am the Warden!!

The Kickstarter project for Killshot has been going phenomenally well, more than I had hoped. When I made the decision to use Kickstarter, it was done with what I believe to be realistic expectations, meaning I expected it to fail. Not horribly, exploding in a ball of fire, but that I wouldn't quite hit the mark. Today is only the 9th day and it's already at 43% of its goal. Not only could Killshot goal of obtaining original artwork come to life, but could exceed expectations on my very first time out.

Today's post is in response to a request by a backer calling himself a "sucker for character sheets." Far be it from me to show off something I'm rather proud of because I like to consider myself a character sheet junkie. I make a point of downloading multiple versions of character sheets, including official releases to homemade fillable forms to building my own to suit my own playing style.

A good character sheet can not only enhance a game for players, it can define it. Particularly in a game with some level of complexity and variable character builds. What you'll see here is still a work-in-progress (much like Killshot itself) but the changes currently slated for this sheet are repositioning only. And whatever else needs changing due to rule revisions. And considering how well things are going, I'll likely bump up the graphics on the sheet.

So behold and enjoy. As always, express your thoughts and concerns below and share your love by becoming a backer and get in on the ground floor. If you've already done so, I'll be announcing the initial product line for Killshot on the Broken Ruler site before the week's end. That's just how well the entire process is going. Squee!

If you'd like to download a PDF of this character sheet, here you go.

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