Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I am the Warden!!

The word "independence" has a lot of meaning right now. It's something I've been struggling to regain for the past couple of years and it's really been coming through in my work.

Since Killshot went live (just over 48 hours ago), I've sold 8 copies of The Director's Cut. For me, that's a stupendous increase from what I used to get publishing 3pp supplements for D&D - 1 per day. Tops.

It's not so much that I'm surprised by this upswing so much as relieved. During my research over the last year, I've noticed the shift in PDF sales from third-party material taking some of the top spots to more independent/original systems. I think the download market is best suited to independent systems and publishers. For me, these sales are proof.

The ironic effect to it all is that nagging feeling I've "wasted" so many years publishing material for other systems that have gone unappreciated. Perhaps the glass was half empty, yes, but my previous experience put the water in the glass. Without the experience of putting a PDF together, assembling Killshot would have been a nightmare and the end result would be far inferior to what's in place now. Not the least of which is the game's mechanics.

When I was putting the finishing touches on the assorted Killshot PDFs, I recognized how much influence D&D had on design and presentation. Casually flipping through, it looks very much like a traditional purchase option game where your character's abilities are measured only in your choices made during character creation. That's very D&D and I guess it's no surprise to see it there.

Yet as an independent game, I could break away from some of the taboos originally holding me back and create a game where character options are a strength, not a definition.

So we're all in agreement then? Without the previous work with Emerald Press, none of this would have come to pass. You just have to starve to appreciate a good meal.


  1. Well done sir! I have only just even considered writing something for other people to use, other than the odd blog post. I know it's going to be a lot of hard work, and mostly thankless, but it's always nice to hear from someone who's stuck with it to see any kind of reward.

  2. Thanks. This project simultaneously kept me from going insane and drove me nuts. If it works for others and they love to play it, everything will be worth the effort.