Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Random Idea: Player vs Player Killshot

I am the Warden!!

Right now, I'm rested across a couch in the cabin listening to the rain fall. It's a rare time to do nothing but reflect in peace and quiet and obviously my mind wanders back to Killshot.

I played a game last night with one of my latest recruits. As always, it's going well and because we're playing next to the beer fridge, everyone else up here takes turns checking out what we're up to. A major scene of the game involved being chased down by a helicopter and this got a lot of the lads interested in what we were up to. The more they saw and learned how it worked, the more intrigued they became until someone shot out this idea.

"Could you play PvP with this like Halo or Call Of Duty?"

It only a second before I answered with "Fuck yeah!"

The Arena

This idea uses pre-generated characters, though there's nothing prohibiting players from creating their own characters.

Much like FPS games, the scene takes place in a fixed location or moves across a wide open area (for example, two players could choose to hop in a car to escape, prompting a car chase leading to a new location - total Hollywood!). Anywhere from 2-4 players are involved and their objective is to kill all other characters. Each assassin is a solo Team and can only refresh their skills when they are the last Team on the Tracker. You lose all death dice when your character dies.

After a character dies, they can choose to return as their previous character or try again with a different pre-gen. At the start of the next series, they respawn in a random area no more than 2 Move options away from any other assassin (just to keep the pace up). If a player wants to start further away, they can spend a training point to respawn anywhere in the location.

All difficulty dice rolls are made by a Director or can always be rolled by an opposing player.

Plain and simple, but I'd still want to tear through the rules again to ensure no special adjustments are needed. The next step is to consider how it will be used.


Right off the bat, running a player battle royale would be excellent way to introduce new players to your game (or RPGs in general). Stick to the basics (the mechanics) and forego one of the more intimidating aspects of roleplaying (the role-playing itself). Plus the players would be able to track their learning curve; the more matches they win, they learn more about the game.


I have yet to set up any tables for Killshot at various cons, but that'll come to an end. Ottawa's 2013 convention season will definitely be on my agenda.

Playing PvP series as a demo (and later tournaments, should that become a possibility down the road) allows curious players a chance to play one quick series, a couple, or any length of time. I could either take them on myself or direct them so long as the chairs are full.


It could also fit inside the free demo version of Killshot in KF's zero issue. Kind of a bonus article, but I'm not sure if it would be better served as an appendix for the core rules. The thing about running a PvP game is at least one person has to know the rules and KF0 presents a portion of the mechanics in a learn-as-go style. At this point, I'm not sure where I'll go with this, but I like where it's heading.