Saturday, 9 February 2013

Kickstart the Continuum

I am the Warden and holy crap am I involved in a lot of Kickstarter this year.

I have a little confession to make, dear readers. I've been keeping a secret from you, but before you start throwing emoticons of disappointment, there is a valid reason. It's a professional secret, one I could not talk about because it wasn't my secret to keep.

Last month, I was approached by Senior Aaron Huss from Mystical Throne Entertainment, publisher of Savage Insider (and my latest article set to release in April of this year) and webmaster for Roleplayers Chronicle (and home to my pride and joy, Under the Hood). He was putting together an adventure path for Savage Worlds called Perilous Journeys and wanted to know if I would be open and available as a campaign/adventure writer for two of the six-part series. Attached was an amazingly detailed plan of attack to get this project kickstarted and launched for release in the middle to late months of this year.

You know what, let's get you a link to check it out first. Behold the Kickstarter that is Twilight Continuum!! 

The initial goal is to raise funds to complete the first adventure in the series, Vanguard. Once it passes the initial $11,000 goal, every additional stretch goal brings the next step closer to reality. To make the entire series a reality, we're looking at $66,000 for the complete 6-part series in PDF and print with additional goals to produce sweet features, including a hardcover compilation of Twilight Continuum.

Should everything work out and this project becomes a reality, I'll be handling Book Two: Enemy At The Gates and Book 5: Final Destination. What are they all about? Uh-uh, that's what the link is for. As time goes on and this project climbs higher and higher up the ladder, I'll be sure to tease up what's in store for our intrepid band of future warriors. Until then, check out Twilight Continuum and offer up your support for independent game publishers.