Monday, 15 July 2013

Killshot Gets the Nod

I am the Warden and Killshot: The Director's Cut will be receiving one of five Judges' Spotlight Awards at this year's ENnies!!

I just finished posting about it on the BRG site, so you can read the formal reaction there. Right now, I'm about to give my personal reaction to this nomination... I mean, award.


I'm stunned and keep clicking back to the nomination page to make sure there isn't something I'm missing. More importantly, that this isn't another nomination. It's an actual award, a point of recognition specifically set aside for Killshot and four other exceptional products by an individual judge who felt it deserved merit.

So here are the thoughts racing through my head this morning, all of them trumping my original work schedule for today.

1. I cannot give enough thanks to everyone for their support with Killshot since it all began on January 2, 2011. From the very first crack at the Optional System with my good friend, Kieron, to today, all of you have been incredibly supportive and eager to find out what's next for Killshot. I think it's safe to say this award means she's not done yet. Not by a long shot.

2. I need to get to Indianapolis. Holy shit, I need to get to Indianapolis. Double holy shit, I don't have a passport.

3. You know when actors are nominated for Oscars and at least one of them tells the story about how they found out when other people started calling to congratulate them? Yeah, that's what happened here. I slept in past announcement time (hard time sleeping upstairs in such extreme heat) and when I turned on my phone just before 10AM, it started beeping and whistling that I thought my phone pulled a fire alarm. Most mornings, I take the dogs outside for business, brew coffee, feed everyone, and take my phone and coffee on the back step to read and go over my plans for the day. Right now, I'm sitting with a luke warm and completely full cup of joe and my laptop on my lap (how ironic) because there's far too much typing required from a phone.

Once again, incredible thanks and praise to everyone who's supported Killshot, BRG, and my work over the past couple of years, to all the nominees who have helped the indie RPG industry shine, and to my darling wife-to-be how sat up in a half-dazed sleep trying to figure out what I was saying when I jumped on the bed to tell her the news.

Think I'll start with a fresh cup of coffee. There's lots to do today. 

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