Monday, 19 August 2013

Well Cut Me Open And Fuse My Ankle... They're Gonna Cut Me Open and Fuse My Ankle

I am the Warden!!

Three years after the initial accident and the original surgery, I'm going back under the knife. In the 961 days since that fateful moment, the nerve damage has made my right foot unstable, unreliable, and extremely painful with incalculable frequency and it's time to fix it. Or to try something else that may hopeful ease some of the pain and burden.

I'm currently scheduled to go back under the knife on October 11th (AKA Canadian Thanksgiving weekend) to fuse my right ankle, along with some other attachments, the removal of the original metal plating and screws, and the insertion of a pair of new screws leading from the base of my heel into my ankle. While this will severely limit my foot's mobility, the idea is to reduce the impact of the nerve damage running through the top of my foot. It's not a guarantee by any measure and the new surgery will have the same follow-up results as the original: no weight bearing on the foot for 8 weeks after the surgery and rehab. This time, however, there shouldn't be any need for a wheelchair because there are no other fractures complicating the matter. And more importantly, it's my choice, not a forced reaction.

This is amazing news for one key reason: progress. For 961 days, it's been an uphill battle of pain, suffering, and uncertainty because nerve damage cannot be properly diagnosed. There are no tests to confirm it. Doctors can only remove all other possibilities. From an insurance standpoint, this kind of injury is a nightmare because there's no evidence to support it. All I've been able to achieve is a mixed basket of pills to manage and ease my burden. This surgery means it's time to try something new and that someone out there believes me and believes the situation warrants a new surgery. I don't know about where you live, but they don't just perform surgeries like this for shits and giggles.

As far as my game design freelancing, Broken Ruler Games, and school work, it makes little to no difference. If anything, it should force me to get more done while I'm in the hospital and sitting on me arse for two months straight. Personally, it means scooting up and down the stairs on my butt, no driving, and no dog walking until well into the New Year. But it's my choice and that means I'm ready. Bring it the fuck on. 

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