Monday, 7 October 2013

Enter the Caves of Chaos, Kids

I am The Warden!!

The Practical assignment for Week 5 of my Illustrator class was an 11"x17" poster for a real or fictional event and it just so happens I've been meaning to design a poster for my upcoming D&D games at the local library. After a few modifications to suit the demands of the assignment and the detail I needed to get across for new players...


One of the conditions for this assignment was to use "tribal tattoo" lines to demonstrate our use of the pen tool. The fire was a way for me to cheat in some extra lines that matched with the style I was going for, but I had to put in the real deal to get a passing grade. The dice are the very same ones used in the Optional Core and Optional System logos. (Shh, I didn't build them fresh for this assignment, but they were legitimately built in Illustrator. I cheated a little.) And the images were ones I had kicking around on the laptop for use in personal games. 

Hopefully, this can turn some heads in comparison to anything else you'd find at a library and bring some extra butts to the seats for the next game.