Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Phase 2: Planning for Reloaded

I am the Warden!!

The Killshot core release is complete. By that, I mean there's no more game design, editing, or layout remaining. All that's left is press production, sales, and the ongoing marketing that remains eternal for all core rulebooks. It's time to start a new project and, in typical fashion, I'm looking at more than one.

Those of you familiar with this blog, BRG, and Killshot in general know the next supplement will be Killshot: Reloaded (and the ongoing Killshot Files, of course). Four alternate themes/setting applying the Killshot RPG: Hong Kong gun-fu, Wild West bounty hunters, CIA operatives, and ninjas. It's a project conceived during Killshot's early days (there's even mention of it in the original Kickstarter project) and has been on the back burner for months waiting for the opportunity to start investing time and energy. Before I can type the first word, I need to know what I want from this book and how to make it all happen through Kickstarter.

The Core

What is the absolute minimum I want from Reloaded? Something around 120 pages in total (leaving 20-25 pages per theme plus an introduction) providing a combination of fluff and mechanics for each theme. PDF and POD (softcover only, B&W interior) with each theme/chapter providing a twist on Killshot's core layout and artwork.

Perhaps the biggest difference - financially - from my first Kickstarter is the addition of a second writer/designer for the CIA and gun-fu chapters. While I could handle them myself, I know someone in particular whose knowledge and familiarity with both topics far exceeds my own. Considering the page counts for each chapter, I'm looking at $750-$1000 for an extra writer paid 5 cents per word (likely not including mechanical text - odds are I'll still handle that area in co-operation with the writer).

As for artwork, I'd like to aim for another $1000 for black-and-white like before with Kieron holding the pencil again. This time, each chapter would have a different style matching the theme. The ninja chapter would have darker shadows, perhaps even total silhouettes, while the Hong Kong theme's art would be more dynamic with extensive action lines or tilted angles.

Therefore, I'm looking at around $2000 to raise money for a 120-page supplement for PDF and POD release.

Reaching For The Sky

With some experience under my belt, I'd like to make a more concerted effort to add perks and enhanced options to encourage a higher tally, something I could have pushed for on Killshot but never did until the final week.

Here's what I'm thinking. I have no solid idea on dollar amounts right now, not until I can crunch some numbers and work out individual reward perks.

Additional Artists: The more we raise, the more artists become involved. Each artist works exclusively on their own chapter.

Jobs: Right now, Reloaded provides only the material needed to run or play in the four themes. More money means we can provide a job for each theme as an introduction. This will bump up the page count to 150-180 pages, so likely will require reaching around $3200 to make it happen.

Alternate Covers: An old comic book gimmick, but a fun twist. There could be four different covers for Reloaded to choose from, each matching one of the four themes.

Premium Edition: As with the Director's Cut for the core rules, an enhanced version of Reloaded could be made available to backers and buyers alike. Hardcover print, exclusive sidebars, and possibly the jobs mentioned above. Kind of a Director's version, while the softcover would be for players only.

Trackers: My intention has always been for the Executive Trackers to be available only to backers of certain levels and would continue that here. This time, you can choose from one of four uniquely designed Trackers matching one of the four themes.

Iconic Characters: Despite some lack of input in some of the previous backer levels last time, I'm considering offering space for some backers to select the name of iconic characters used in various examples. The thing about this reward is the uncertainty of how many examples will be needed in a supplement like this.

Unique Character Records: Makes sense for each theme to have their own character record, yeah? This would likely be one of the very first bonus perks.

Stand Alone Rulebook: Of all the idea brewing in my head right now, this one has the biggest question mark. The biggest issue I have to consider with this project is that it's a supplement, not a stand-alone rulebook. On the other hand, it's a supplement, not a stand-alone rulebook. With the original Killshot project, I had to convince others on the merit of the game without having a game to demonstrate. Now I do and it's about convincing new people (or those who are already fans of the original) to pitch in for new content.

The idea I'm playing with is the option to provide a stand-alone Killshot: Reloaded core rulebook. A kind of Blu-ray Super Extended Director's Cut taking all the material, rules, and concepts from Killshot and adding on the four themes. Or publishing a stand-alone Killshot ninja game, a unique Killshot-CIA game, etc. It's an idea that remains uncertain and I haven't even considered putting a price tag on it (though my instinct says if I can raise $5000, this may be the way to go). But it's manifested itself enough to make it worth posting here.

Realistically, these seem the best options to work towards. I could aim higher and really make a wish list should I be able to raise $4000, $5000, or more, but those kinds of success stories are rare and I'm far too eager to get my hopes up to give those thoughts time and energy to gestate in my head.

However, nothing is final and exists in the Planning phase. What other ideas can you think of for the next project?