Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Some Things Change, Others Remain the Same

I am the Warden!!

It's time for me to explain recent events to everyone. Over the past few weeks (and over the last couple of years, to be honest), I've been hinting at significant personal issues that have bogged down my work yet never got into details. I think it's time to reveal what that was all about.

Four months ago, my income replacement benefit was cancelled by my insurance company as well as the retraining plan submitted to the same company intended to help me return to full-time employment. After two years of being unable to return to a gainful life due to physical and cognitive issues, I was dumped and left to fend for myself. I began the search for a new means to support myself and my family.

Simultaneously, my fiancee (who suffers from epilepsy) has been vigorously trying to return to school herself, an effort equally complicated by our dire financial situation. Ironically, she had more options to work with than myself because of our province's student loans program. (I'm ineligible for these programs because I'm currently unable to pay for my previous student loans.) For the last few months, she's been searching for an online diploma program that would allow her to return to a normal life without her condition interfering with her efforts.

Today, we both received some outstanding news. Then one of us had our news trashed by bureaucracy.

According to email sent by my attorney this morning, I will be receiving funds to take an online Graphic Designer diploma program through the Digital Arts Technology Training Institute. I cannot get into the specifics of how this happened because it is related to the ongoing litigation between myself and the responsible party of my accident. It will take a couple of weeks for everything to arrive and process before I can start the process, but the starter's pistol has finally gone off. I've been waiting for over close to a year to finally start this program and start moving on with my life.

And if you think this means the end or minimization of BRG and freelance design work, far from the truth. Aside from the ability to work at a graphic design firm or obtain freelance graphic design work, this course will go a long way towards my work as a game designer/publisher. In other words, this is a huge step towards my future.

Unfortunately, that leaves the bad news with my fiancee.

At approximately 10:00 this morning, my fiancee received an acceptance in the Community & Justice Services at Algonquin College. It's a two-year diploma program starting in May and the first year is entirely online, allowing her to build her way to becoming a full-time student from home. Shortly after noon, she received an email from the college that the program was suspended and she could apply for a refund on her application fee.

What. The. Fuck?

We received the news while I was writing the initial draft of this announcement, meaning this post has been revised since that unfortunate outcome. My original hope was to announce how both of our lives will turn around as of today, but this bizarre cancellation has put a bit of a damper on events. It's another example of the personal struggles we've gone through over the past two-and-a-half years, complicated by this ying-yang flip-flop of fortune and setbacks.

The wheel still turns. It may be greasy and noisy, but it continues to turn. My eagerness is mixed with sadness for my fiancee. She is very upset and disgruntled by the news and it will take a while for this to wear off so she can move on to the next stage (taking a course in the fall of this year). My role is to be there for her and provide all the encouragement I can because I love her.

I think it's time for a drink or two, don't you? 

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