Friday, 1 March 2013

Relaunching The Continuum

I am the Warden and this is the new video signalling the relaunch of Mystical Throne Entertainment's Kickstarter project, Twilight Continuum.

Some of it may seem familiar, but a massive chunk of this puppy is brand new and expanded from our last effort. Instead of aiming for funding a single book and reach for the remaining five volumes as stretch goals, this edition is shooting for the entire series - all 6 volumes - in one fell swoop. Our goal? $35,000.

At the time of writing, it's only been a couple of hours and we're already over $1,000 with only 15 backers. That's nearly $350 better than an entire day's results from our previous attempt, making it clear that the extra work invested into this second effort is already starting to pay off. If things keep going at this rate (long-term speaking that is, seeing as most Kickstarters go through an opening peak, followed by a middle point lull, and caps off with a final high point), we should easily hit our final goal and bring this 6-part Savage Worlds adventure serial to life.

What exactly are you waiting for? If you like Savage Worlds and space operas, this project is the very thing you're looking for. Check out the complete project to find your perfect reward level.